Mainly Music

A programme for preschool kids and their parents/caregivers

Mainly Music at Northcross

You don’t have to imagine a time and place where you and your young child will find delight in shared experiences, be accepted for who you are, and grow educationally. It already happens. Every week of the school year – in a fun and exciting place called ‘mainly music’.

This is a daytime outreach for pre-schoolers and their parents / caregivers. We have two sessions – Wednesdays at 10AM, and Thursdays at 10AM.

The programme covers singing, dancing, music, playing, and morning tea. It costs $5 per family per session or you can purchase a concession card – $20 for 6 sessions / $40 for 12 sessions.

We also host a mums coffee group here at Northcross. Learn more about Mainly Mums, here.


We’re sure that many of you will be aware of the rapidly evolving international concern regarding the coronavirus as highlighted in the media. While the virus and its specific nature is currently unclear, what we do know is that the virus at its early stages may not show any symptoms, with an incubation period of up to 14 days. At present the risk of outbreak in New Zealand is low, however to best prevent the spread of the virus we are encouraging you to act with caution, especially if you or anyone in your family has traveled to China or is planning on travelling to China. If you are concerned about possible infection, or if you are planning on travelling internationally, we urge you to utilize the information provided by the Ministry of Health concerning the coronavirus and how to reduce the risk of infection here.

The risk of the coronavirus spreading to our Mainly Music and Mainly Mums community is very low, however we still ask and encourage those who have traveled to any of the countries listed as having active cases of the virus to take the precaution of staying away from these activities for a period of 14 days after your return to New Zealand.

In order to best care for the health and well-being of our community we’ll continue to monitor the Ministry of Health’s updates concerning the virus in New Zealand, and will update you should any changes to how we operate arise.

As the virus continues to spread in China and around the world, we invite you to join us in prayer for those affected.