Find Your Fit

Love and serve God by loving and serving His people

We all belong to one body, we’re all united by the same Spirit.

At Northcross, we exist as a body to exalt God, by being equipped to engage the world with the good news… and as we do this, we grow together, we celebrate together, we mourn together, we love one another, we care for one another, we build friendships, we enter new and different seasons of life together… and we bless one another, together… serving as different parts of one united body.

So finding your fit in the body at Northcross may be a matter of serving. Serving in the church is a God-given opportunity to explore how we’re wired, to discover and live out our passions and abilities… to imagine how God might use us to bless others… because as the Gospel takes root in our hearts, we can’t help but move from an inward, self-seeking love… to an outward, self-sacrificial love – a love that is for Christ and for others.

Debbie Bossé

Ministry Director

Current Volunteer Opportunities

These specific ministries are looking for volunteers at the moment to play a key role in keeping these weekly ministries running - they are not the only ministries available to serve in! If neither are these are where you fit at Northcross, register your interest here and we'll be in touch.

Creche & Preschool Ministries
We love our very little people here at Northcross, and think it’s super important to have a program for them, and give parents an opportunity to enjoy the main service in the auditorium.
We’re looking for volunteers on Sundays during the 10AM service, and you’ll be rostered once every 3 or 4 weeks. Hopefully, you love kids and are able to pass a police check!
Get in touch with Gabrielle here if you’re interested or would like more details.
Kids Ministries
We’re looking for leaders to invest in the lives of these kids, and to help them build authentic faith in God. Kids are aged 5-11, or school years 1-6, and you will be assigned to one of these age groups for the year, connecting with the same kids each week.

We’re also looking for storytellers and/or actors to bring the messages and stories of the Bible to life. We don’t just teach kids about Jesus and the Bible, we want to help connect apply these lessons to their daily lives.

Some of our stories/scripts call for extra helpers who are gifted in being overdramatic and silly. This helps us to deliver the important lessons in a fun, impacting, and memorable way. Scripts and props are provided!
Get in touch with Annelli here if you’re interested or would like more details.
Gabby Sheddan

Family Ministry Coordinator & Office Secretary

Annelli Morla

Children's Ministry Coordinator