Pointed to Christ // Summer Services at Northcross

January 17 5:30 pm  |  Northcross Church

826A East Coast Road, Oteha, Auckland, New Zealand

Last week, we began our evening services for the year with pastor Hangyul speaking on cultivating a resilient faith to endure hard times and disappointments to help set us up for 2021 – whatever it may bring!
This week, we’ll continue these summer series in our main auditorium. We’re diving back into our series on 1 Peter, learning about a hairy passage from 1 Peter 3. Did Jesus go to hell? Does water baptism save you? We’ll tackle these questions and explore how we become ready to suffer for the sake of Christ and his kingdom.
Volleyball will be happening again from 4:30PM and also after the service, along with our $6 dinner & dessert. You can pre-register every week at northcross.org.nz/dinner
Feel free to invite your friends, and we’ll see you soon!