Outdoor Movie: Freaky Friday

January 15 8:30 pm  |  Northcross Church

826A East Coast Road, Oteha, Auckland, New Zealand

We’re getting together to watch a movie under the stars – the 2003 classic Freaky Friday!

So bring a camping chair or mat, grab your crisps, popcorn, donuts, lollies, chocolates, and any other snacks you enjoy munching on for this wonderful evening.


Tess and her daughter, Anna, do not get along. Things take a turn when, in a freak incident, their bodies are switched and they are forced to live each other’s lives.

Date: Friday, 15th January
Time: 8:30PM (movie length 97 minutes)
Venue: Northcross Church (grass area outside Cafe)
Movie rating: PG
Director: Mark Waters
Starring: Jamie Lee Curtis, Lindsay Lohan, Chad Michael Murray

All are welcome! See you then!