Topics & Tracks

Due to the current Covid-19 Alert level, we’ve made the decision to postpone this event until further notice.

All our equip talks are free for anyone to attend and include a time to mingle with people from other tracks and enjoy a light supper afterward. Registration is encouraged. If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch with the team.

Lead with Diligence

You might not think that you’re a leader, but you are! Everybody leads someone, somewhere, sometime. God assigns leaders to equip people to serve. Serving is an important part of building up the body of Christ. Come and be equipped to thrive in both everyday life and ministry, as you explore what it means to lead where you are, out of who you are, for God’s glory and the benefit of His people.

Week 1: Leading from the Inside Out

Who are you really and how will others know? This week we look at what self-aware leaders know that others don’t and why this knowledge impacts how they lead, and those they lead, in a positive and empowering way.

with Debbie Bossé

Week 2: I’m just a Volunteer

Explore 5 keys of influence every volunteer has. Discover what motivates you and how to you can use your gifts to lead more effectively. Btw – No one is ever just a volunteer!

with Margaret Spicer

Week 3: Leading Strategically

Ever feel like you are just going through the motions as you serve? Fulfilling the vision of the ministry leader? You are not alone.  Discover how you can be a 360 degree leader, increase your leadership capacity and influence.  Whether you lead a team or lead from within a team you can lead strategically.

with Margaret Spicer

Week 4: Creating and Maintaining a Healthy Culture

According to Carey Nieuwhof, founding pastor of Connexus Church, one of the most influential churches in North America, “A healthy culture spits out toxic people. A toxic culture spits out healthy people.” This is the truth about culture.

We’ll explore what it takes, as one who leads at home, school, the workplace, or in ministry, to diligently lead and serve the culture we influence.

with Debbie Bossé

Teach with Confidence

Come along and learn about things like: the essential ingredients for making a good talk, what you can do to keep audiences interested, how to better tailor your talks to your hearers, how to make the best use of illustrations, how to keep talks simple without losing depth, and that age old question, “What do I leave out?”. Whether you teach Sunday School, take devotions, preach for 5 or 35 minutes, or would just like to learn, the principles are the same. Author, Bible teacher and trainer of preachers Alan Stanley will show you how to teach with confidence.

Week 1: Where do I start?

In this session we will discuss what needs to happen before we begin writing a talk. We will discuss selecting a topic or passage, and proceed to then understand the topic or passage.

Week 2: The big idea

The must-have ingredient for any talk is the big idea. We will learn what it is, how to discover it, and how to communicate it. Practice makes perfect, so this session will include some practical exercises.

Week 3: Putting the talk together

The nuts and bolts of writing the talk. This session, in a nutshell, is thinking about how to know what to include in a talk and how to know what to leave out. We will think through the essential components of a talk, the audience, effective use of stories and illustrations, application, and the secret to all good communication.

Week 4: Delivering the talk

In this session we will look at tips for effective presenting, how to tell a good story, tapping into your creative side, and learning to read your audience while speaking.

Parent with Purpose

God has always worked to build a legacy of faith through the family unit. Families come in all shapes and sizes: committed couples, single parents, invested grandparents, or even kids’ leaders who invest time into the church family. To families, God has given the opportunity to purposefully communicate faith, and impact the lives of the kids they influence, for eternity.
Through this track we will explore different ways to parent with this purpose in mind.

Week 1: Faith at Home

The biggest factor in a child’s faith formation is not what they learn about God at church, but what they learn about God at home. What does it look like to have faith conversations in the home? How do you fit God into the busy schedule of family life? In this session we will explore how to be purposeful with our faith at home.

with Annelli Morla

Week 2: Kids’ Mental Health

In this session we focus on children’s mental health. We shall discuss what good mental health looks like for kids and examine the warning signs of worsening mental health. We shall also deal with how can we help our kids have positive mental health as well as where can we get help.
Come along to gain a proactive approach to helping our kids.

with Ailke Botha

Week 3: 5 Love Languages for Children

Come and learn about the 5 Love Languages for Children. This is based on the best-selling book by Gary Chapman. Find out what your child’s love language might be and how to connect with them. This is a practical workshop to help understand how to make our kids feel loved (even when they are being toads!). 

with Gabrielle Sheddan

Week 4: The Digital Dilemma

We are engaging, more than ever, in a digital world and so are our kids. It is a huge part of our life, perhaps more so for our teenagers than anyone else. In this session we shall explore how our kids, and especially teenagers, are interacting with social media and how we can parent with purpose in a digital age.

Connect with Community

We all live within a wider community and, as Christ followers, we are called to be His hands and feet and to love our neighbours within that community. However, in 21st century New Zealand and living on the Shore, what does that look like?

Hosted by Marike & Monré de Bruin, this track will explore what it means to practically live out our faith and connect with those God has placed us next to - globally, nationally, and locally.

Week 1: For God so loved… the world

A global pandemic has separated us from the rest of the world and concerns about the environment are becoming ever more urgent. We are cut off from our global community in a way we haven’t been for a long time. How do we take the Gospel to the ends of the earth when we can’t leave our country? Join us as we explore the Great Commission in the context of our changing climate and this post-COVID world.

with Stephen Pattemore

Week 2: For God so loved… Aotearoa

The story of the Gospel is woven through the history of our little country, and yet there are also scars and hurts of the past that our nation still bears. Join us as we go back into Aotearoa New Zealand’s past, learn about tangata whenua, and so better step forward into our future.

with Stephen Pattemore & Val Goold

Week 3: For God so loved… North Auckland

We’ve all heard the stereotype – there are no needs on the Shore – but do we really know what is going on in our local community? Let’s learn how we can partner with what God is already doing in our local community. Join us as we hear from a panel of local community leaders about what the gaps are where you live and how you can get involved.

Hosted by Carrie Rambo-Toehemotu with panel guests: Naomi Cowan (Equip Mental Health Services), Rob Upton (Gracegate Centre), Alexis Poppelbaum (Hibiscus & Bays Local Board), Sam Booth (English Language Partners NZ)

Week 4: For God so loved… us

There’s need and brokenness in the world, in our country, and right outside our doors… So what’s next? Join us as we reflect, discuss, and pray about what God is specifically calling us to do right now, individually and as a community, to be Jesus in our community and our world.

with Tim Johnston