Having fun at home

Trust Activities

Drawing Trust
Dancing Raisins
Emotions Snack
Trust Chain Reaction
Trust Bars

Love Activities

You Are Loved Cake
Love Bomb
Wherever You Go Painting
Chocolate Love Match Game
Love Bunny
"God Made" Nature Walk
Make-A-Face Snack


Memory Maker

Creation Snack

Nature Scavenger Hunt

Trust Walk

Farmers Market Challenge

Egg Race

Palm Leaf Hopscotch

Family Time Capsule

Explore Together

Play Together

Cook Together

Compassion Bingo

Tunnel of Love

Compassion Cocoa

Family Game Night

Treat Walk

Unwrap the Greatest Gift

Alphabet Erase

Stable Search

Contentment Kitchen

Contentment Walk

Family Charades

Initiative Tag

Wisdom Relay

Finding Peace Game

Peaceful Paths


Shaving Cream Paint

Banana Muffins

Homemade Play Dough

Resilient Terrariums

Handprint World

Resilient Banana Bread

Surprise Cross Craft

Lava Lamp

Candied Almonds

Moving Story

Paper Chain

Build the Tabernacle

Bread Painting

Create Together

Coin Rubbing

3D Glasses

Origami Techniques & Bases

Compassion Cards

Yoghurt Parfaits

Wait-For-It Cake

Painted Rocks

Candy Nativity

Christmas Cocoa

Angel Snack

30 Days of Contentment

Flower Cookies

Tissue Paper Flower


Lion Puppet

Gratitude Camera

Individual Pizzas

Super Kid Party Platter

Origami Animals

Origami Fish

Origami Boat

Initiative Care Package

Easy Slime

Self-Portrait Snack

Confidence Cards

Commitment Transfers


Cupcake Challenge

Books of the Bible Challenge